The Old School House (TOSH)

After WW II, army huts were used as portable classrooms to accommodate the growing population of school aged children until a dedicated High School was opened in 1952 (built where the Gardens stands today), and the Old School House reverted to an elementary school. As the population grew over the next few decades, a building with one classroom between Primrose and the old School building grew into a new elementary school as additional classrooms were added on and a new elementary school opened in this location on Primrose. The District 69 School Administration then moved into the Old School House in the early 70’s and occupied it until 1986. The Town of Qualicum Beach had since purchased the old school house for $50,000 with the intent to tear it down for more parking.

Photo credits: The Qualicum Beach Museum Archives, and Rusty J. Joerin, Woodsgift Photography. View more of his work at