Qualicum First Nation celebrates reawakening of heritage language

The Qualicum First Nation celebrated the reawakening of their native language, Pentl’ach, and is pleased to have changed the status of the language from “sleeping” to now become the 35th First Nations language in British Columbia.

Qualicum Beach Museum home to Truth and Reconciliation exhibit

The museum hosts an annual exhibit through the month of September with materials from the Qualicum First Nation, as well as displays that educate on the history of residential schools on Vancouver Island.  

New permanent exhibition opens at the Qualicum Beach Museum  

We Have the Power’ is housed in the newly-restored Powerhouse heritage building on the Qualicum Beach Museum grounds and takes the visitor through the history of local energy generation, as well as reminding people to think about the future.  

PQBeat: A conversation with museum manager Lorraine Bell 

On this edition of PQBeat, Lorraine Bell, manager of the Qualicum Beach Museum, speaks with host Peter McCully about trying interesting food, finding sea creatures in the mountains, and what’s new at the museum.

Qualicum Beach Museum welcomes new manager and assistant manager 

The museum’s new manager and assistant manager are excited about the future and are looking forward to Phase II of a historic building restoration project and more! 

The Tale of Rosie, the Famous 60,000-year-old Walrus

Did you know about the famous walrus by the name of Rosie [Odobenus Rosmarus] that was discovered in 1979 just north of Qualicum Beach? Rosie, as she is fondly called, is an ice age young female walrus that has been dated at 60,000 years of age by the Canadian Museum of Nature.

History: What’s in a Name, Qualicum Beach?

What’s in a name? Qualicum Beach is a community whose history is a rich blend of cultures, languages and enterprising individuals.

Place names and street names in the town and area reflect this heritage and include those that originate with First Nations naming, those of Spanish and English explorers and cartographers, and finally names associated with early settlers and entrepreneurs.

Qualicum Beach Museum Exhibit Shows Multicultural Past amidst Racist Policies

A new exhibit at Qualicum Beach Museum, created by UVic and VIU student research, describes 150 years of Indigenous People’s and Asian Canadians living on the Island, helping to create its communities and infrastructure, and having to fight against racist policies.

Qualicum Beach Museum Thanks Volunteers with Appreciation Night

The Qualicum Beach Museum is inviting the public to help celebrate their many dedicated volunteers.

On Thursday, Nov. 8 from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. the museum will host a volunteer appreciation night accompanied with displays from local artisans and vendors.

Qualicum Beach Museum Asking for Submissions for a Poem Project

The Qualicum Beach Museum is asking residents to polish off their poetry skills.

Manager Netanja Waddell is asking for poem submissions for the museum to use in a future exhibit, as well as for them to share on social media. She’s especially encouraging seniors and students to participate in the project.


Community Heart Project

Media Spotlights

We were once again visited by Shaw TV crew, and are featured on a 2015 episode of “go! Island”. This time recent renovations are highlighted, and the interview begins at 2:45 in the video.

In 2014, the Qualicum Beach Historical and Museum Society celebrated its 30th anniversary.