Electric Power

Qualicum Beach’s electricity was first generated in 1929 in the Power House building, which is currently located on the museum grounds. While the original diesel generators have long since been removed, a Vivian diesel generator, similar to the one previously used, is on display and serves as a reminder of the equipment used in Qualicum Beach until 1935.

Renovations to the powerhouse building started in 2021. With the help of many people, a new permanent exhibit opened in the summer of 2023!

Permanent Exhibit

The Powerhouse is now home to a brand new exhibition!

Step into the newly renovated heritage building and explore the history of power and energy in Qualicum Beach. 

At the heart of the exhibit – a greenhouse – reminding us that with our past and present use of energy, we need to think about the future and what our role is going to be in the fight against climate change.