Discovery Centre

Electric Power

Qualicum Beach’s electricity was first generated in 1929 in the Power House building, which is currently located on the museum grounds. While the original diesel generators have long since been removed, a Vivian diesel generator similar to the one previously used is on display and serves as a reminder of the equipment used in Qualicum Beach until 1935. Also displayed is a carved model, which is a tribute to the electrical linesmen who maintained the hydro lines during the early days of power distribution in the area.

A new set of interactive stations are up and running! These will allow visitors to study the principles involved in electric power generation through the use of practical, “hands-on” devices.

History of Communication

Communication systems have undergone a revolution in the past 100 years. In order to celebrate that, the Qualicum Beach Museum has created an interactive communication history exhibit that is both fun and educational. Visitors are invited to ‘play’ with the extensive collection of devices in use throughout the last century. Visitors can pick up the earpiece of one of the early phones and crank a handle to make the phone ring or tap out a message on a telegraph. The interactive displays show how discoveries in electricity and electronics have moved the world of communication from simple and slow to complex, instant and worldwide.